BHNIX – Bosnia and Herzegovina Neutral Internet Exchange

BHNIX is the first and only Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As such, it contributes to the development of national Internet ecosystem. Some important benefits of the service are:

  • Local Internet traffic stays local, which helps development of local Internet community
  • Improvement of network performance (reduced packet delays, bandwidth improvement, more efficient routing)
  • Promotion of local content and local hosting providers
  • Reduction of the Internet traffic transit cost
  • Improved user experience while using Internet services,
  • Increasing network security (especially important for e-Government)
  • Promotion of technical research and excellence in areas of network and Internet technologies

Membership conditions

The BHNIX is open to any registered legal entity across the world. While natural partners are those ISPs with a Point of Presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BHNIX membership is open to all organizations that can benefit from peering their IP traffic.
The basic requirements to peer at BHNIX are:

  • Members should have their own AS number
  • Members should organize connectivity to the peering LAN
  • Members should maintain their Whois objects with up-to-date information

How to join?

First step is to send us an email at with the following information:

  • Legal name of company:
  • Registered address:
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone Number:
  • AS number:

Physical connection procedure

It is necessary to establish physical connection to the (copper or fiber) to the BHNIX racks. You will receive information about this when you contact us by mail.

BHNIX managed by the University of Sarajevo - UTIC, hosts K-root and AuthDNS servers

We are pleased to inform you that BHNIX, managed by the University of Sarajevo – UTIC, hosts K-root and AuthDNS servers. The implementation of this project was assisted by ISOC (Internet Society), which provided the necessary hardware for this purpose.

K-root DNS server (managed by RIPE NCC) is one of 13 root DNS servers. The K-root server basically uses IP anycast technology, in a way that directs traffic to the nearest K-root node.

The aim of this project is to provide BHNIX members and our users with better Internet traffic performance, and at the same time contribute to greater stability and faster response of K-root servers.

AutDNS (Authoritative DNS) hosts reverse DNS zones,, and provides secondary services for some initial ccTLDs.

This project is an indicator of UTIC’s commitment to actively, in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, participate and contribute to the improvement of Internet services.

University of Sarajevo, University Tele-Informatics Center UTIC

Zmaja od Bosne 8, objekat 33, 71000 Sarajevo

Phone: +387 33 560 240; Fax: +387 33 213 773